Election Day is Approaching!

Submitted by admin on Fri, 11/02/2018 - 09:29

It's time to act! November 6 is rapidly approaching. It is a critical time to ensure that you are going to the polls with a knowledgeable vote.

In the midterm election, voters will determine which candidates will make decisions on their behalf. These decisions could include issues like religious liberty, limited government, free enterprise, national defense, traditional biblical values, the sanctity of life, and marriage......

There are also the extremely important decisions of confirming federal judges (lifetime appointments), including Supreme Court justices and other federal judges, who are nominated and appointed by the president. If liberals gain control of the Senate, the likelihood of confirming conservative judges disappears.

Through communication with some key legislative leaders, it has become clear that the teacher's union is aggressively seeking to influence legislators to stop all funding for non-public schools. Additionally, some legislators who have been favorable of school choice and funding for non-public schools are not seeking re-election. Our opponents anticipate a sufficient change in the legislature to end the funding of non-public school programs.

Please take some time to view the voters' guide for WV federal senate and house races. Once on the website you can enter your address for specific information on the candidates for your area, or click on "the whole state" for information on all WV federal senate and house races. There is no information for state senate and house candidates, or for the gubernatorial candidates, but the graphs make it easy to compare the federal candidates.

Please share this guide with your school families and encourage them to vote for candidates that support school choice, religious liberty, and funding for non-public schools.